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Precision in every part, reliability in every repair. Welcome to our hub for expert CNC machinery repair services

NEW YEAR Machine Sale!
Fadal VMC 15 rebuilt machine

2001 Refurb Fadal VMC 15



Equipped with:

Spindle Speed: 7500 RPM

Travel: 20”(X) x 16”(Y) x 20”(Z)

Rigid Tap

4th Axis Prep
•New Z-Axis Way Cover

•New Ballscrews on X,Y,ZAxes

•New Belts

•New Tool Clips (21)

•Plus More!

Year: 2001

Controller: 88HS


Ask about our Refurb Fadal VMC 3016 Marked down from $39,999 to $35,999!! 

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